Stop Attracting the Same Kind of Relationships Time and Time Again!

Let go of limiting patterns and beliefs and attract your spiritual partner this year!



It Takes 9 Months to Create New Life...

So Why Not Dedicate Your Next 9 Months 

To Re-Creating YOUR Life?

You are too precious and too important to keep suffering in relationships that do not nourish your soul. I don’t want you spending one more night feeling lonely, and frustrated as you think, "oh well, another relationship bites the dust. It's time to change the patterns that are playing out in your love life year after year, decade after decade.

Heal your self-doubt, and all fears that you will be hurt again in your next relationship.

Trust yourself enough to trust another.

Harness your sexual energy, and enjoy vitality that keeps you hungry for more!

Payment plans available - See Below.

 Last year Samantha came to me and had zero energy, very little confidence and was feeling very lonely and depressed. She works for herself and as you can imagine she was not drawing in clientele that she liked working with or who was willing to pay her what she was worth.  

It was clear to me that her boundaries were weak, partially due to her weak constitutions and imbalanced hormones. I knew the Sacred Sensuality Series would help Samantha not only in her energy levels, and love life, but also in her career. Unfortunatly she did not think she could pay for the Series. She was stuck in a viscous cycle and it was clear that if she didn't get the help she needed she would be in the exact same place next year and every year thereafter. She was as painfully aware of this as I was and wanted nothing more than to break the cycle!

We came up with a game plan for her to get the initial funds together to join the program, because she could see how getting herself on track to vitality, confidence and balance would lead her to attracting the right clientele as well as the right intimate partner! I was so proud of her for finding a way to say “yes” to her evolution!

After her journey through the Sacred Sensuality Series she has completely transformed (I wish I had a before and after picture of her). Her whole body and spirit went from being a shriveled up raisin to a plumped up juicy plum! Samantha was committed and diligent in her journey to becoming a gorgeous magnetically alive woman, who confidently and femininely asserts her boundaries to get her needs met in both relationship and business. She is thriving in both departments and knows that she will never go back to the sad, lonely woman with low self-esteem that she was before.

It is so powerful what can happen in just 9 months! New life is seeded, formed and birthed into being! If you as a woman can create a whole new person in 9 months, then why not create a whole new life for yourself in 9 months?!

 Emotional Balance

If you have ever been overwhelmed with emotion that you know what a powerful force it can be. It can take you down or put you on cloud 9! Riding extreme up and downs of emotions will take up your energy that you would like to use for more important things. You can change this! I can help you!

 Sexual Vitality

Unite sensually with yourself and with another! It’s time for you to awaken the spiritual powers that sex, love and partnership offer! This powerful creative life force energy creates new life, what else could you use it for to create in your life?

 Spiritual Partnership

Co-create easily with partners who feed your spirit and nourish your soul through and through. To dance in Spiritual Partnership is the ultimate gift life offers, especially in a time when humanity is segregated by pain, fear and limiting beliefs.  

Lifetime Membership

Join this tribe of Sexually Awakened Women in this 9-month Sacred Sensuality Course andexperience a powerful transformation that will leave you experiencing more joy and freedom in communicating your truth naturally and easily within relationship. 

Abundant Energy

Get your physical and sexual needs met and attract the attention and acknowledgement that you desire. Learn how to harness yoursexual energy and feel insatiable vitality as you ground into the cycles of nature that reside within you.

 True Love 

You will know in every cell of your being the incredible worth that you are! I am committed to you being seen for the Queen that you are. This will come from transformational shifts that will unfold during the Sacred Sensuality Series. Actualize the life of your dreams!

“I walked away from the teachings with a better sense of what I can do in my daily life to heighten experiences regarding intimacy be it with friends, family, my lover- but more so myself. The resources and insight provided laid a foundation for which I could build upon. The Series tied together some loose ends with regards to healing some intimate hiccups I was experiencing on an emotional and spiritual level. I would recommend Willow as a teacher and this retreat to anyone seeking to go deeper within themselves and/or awaken what already is within.”



“Willow is extremely knowledgeable in Taoist Sexology. There is so much to gain from this ancient wisdom. Invaluable tools that can be used throughout the rest of your life. After these two days I am feeling very whole and very internally still, open in receptivity. My sex drive is back and becoming more pleasurable as I become more in sync with my body's natural rhythm.” Amber 

“What I have noticed is that my whole psyche and outlook on the world is for the better when I take care of myself utilizing the methods of this program. I can feel that I am different now than since before we began. My sex life is enhanced, thus a deeper connection with my partner, my mind is calmer and less nitpicky, I feel more creative and capable of handing more challenging situations, and on... Thank you again for this honesty. That alone helps me reconnect..” Jessica  

“I have so much GRATITUDE for this wonderful program! Willow’s support has really made a positive difference in my life and I truly appreciate all the precious gifts and wisdom I have received from the Sacred Sensuality Program. I am now able to navigate the next phase of my life with more grace and humor. Willow is so helpful and her work will change your life! ” Julia 

Take a peek inside the Sacred Sensuality Series and see what our secrets are!

We want you thriving in a successful relationship with a fantastic sex life plus all the energy required to be the Rock Star that you are!

Membership Includes:

Complete Access to the Taoist Sexology Video Library: These videos guide you through practices taught in Taoist Sexology. As you move your body, emotional healing will occur! You will release irritability, shame and doubt from your body, so that healing of your heart, breasts, ovaries, and womb can occur.  

Balance yourself with our "Eat Right for your Hormones" Cook Book This is not just any cookbook; it is a wealth of information for your nutritional well-being! It includes a 30-day meal plan for easy reference of what meals to prepare at what times of your hormonal cycles. Remember menstruating or not you still have a cycle!  

Stay on Track with Your Sensuality Awakening Sessions These personal coaching calls will ensure you are progressing toward your goals and keeping on task. You will meet with Willow every 3 weeks in order to unravel a new layer of healing and dive another level deeper into your confidence.  

Get Your Needs Met with Our Group Calls These calls are powerful and transformational. Many women have told me that this is their favorite part of the program. The patterns they have played out for so long begin to change. They stop attracting unavailable men, constantly self-criticizing, and living with “lack mentality.” When you bring current questions to these calls everyone benefits, and you get lifted up by your community.

Gain Optimal Endocrine Function ($500 value) We will do a full assessment to guide you toward greater energy and vitality. We will support your endocrine system and immune system, because they are the foundation to feeling amzing in your body and emotions.  

Discover the ancient art of the Jade Egg The jade egg is for vaginal healing, strength and to enhance your pleasure, as well as help you manifest your desires! I will walk you through the use of your egg, early on in the program, so that you can keep using it for the rest of your life!  

Immerse Yourself in the Sensuality Awakening Retreat ($597 value) This is you chance connect and dive deep with women who share your goals and desires as you uncover your queenly rights of abundance in love, sex, and vitality. As a Program Member your free invitation never expires, (meaning you can come for the retreat the year you do the program or any year thereafter).  

 Receive Your Personal Invite to our Private Community The supportive women in this group will encourage you through the process. They will lovingly hold you accountable in taking the steps you need to take in order to co-exist in a deeply loving and powerfully intimate relationship.  

Stop the Struggle with Love and Sex and Relationship!

If you are tired of dating to no avail or re-creating the same familiar patterns in relationships that leave you feeling lost and alone, and you know you need help creating new patterns that have you reveling in your partners touch, adoration and basking in their love. 

Heal your Hormones

Ignite your Drive

Magnetize your Mate

“This is a beautiful, educational, effective and life-altering program for the body, mind and spirit. Especially for women with any irregularities in their monthly cycle. During the program, I made the decision to remove birth control from my body and found that the herbs, food and yoga combined regulated my cycle naturally. My hormones are in balance and my PMS symptoms are few. Willow is wonderful, very knowledgable and truly has a gift for healing with a calm and warm energy about her. This is absolutely an effective and worthwhile investment in oneself!" Danielle  

“This program help me to purge old thought patterns around money. I went though some very emotional and trying situations with money. I had a painful brake -down surrounding my financial status. I feel the breakdown occurred so that I can have a break through. Once I did, my money issues has been resolved!!!” Annonymous 

“This Series has valuable, actionable practices you can use in your day-to-day life, whether you have 15 minutes a day or two hours a day to help improve your health. It's one thing to know about anatomy and physiology from a biology text book; it's quite another to have the tools, resources, and supportive mindset to create a way of being to help you thrive. This workshop is excellent especially for more spiritually minded women, but even if you're more left brain, you will still find a lot of value! It works! ” Katherine  

You know those women that are in their 60's but could easily pass for 40?

Well they did not age so beautifully without any effort. Think of Meryl Streep who is almost 70 and how she radiates vitality! She is a glowing example that sex appeal doesn't stop at 60, but how much does she spend on nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga/meditation teachers, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, functional medicine, and Ayruveda? Well over $15,000 per year! 

You can have those same benefits without paying like a movie star! 

Payment plans available. Click Here


Q: What Results can I expect from the Sacred Sensuality Series? A: This course will be the key to opening your heart and mind to a whole new reality, in which you are large and in charge of who you attract, why you attract them and how you hold powerful boundaries with them, so that your intimate relationship(s) rock! 

Q: How much time do I need to have available in my schedule to make this journey successful? A: The minimum you need to give yourself is 3 hours per week. Of coarse if you give yourself more time and energy toward the exercises and practices you will get even more out of the program! I have seen time and time again that when women give at least 3 hours it is extremely beneficial!

Q: I have done other online programs that I did not keep up with, how will this one be different? A: We will be pairing you up with a buddy who you will meet with 1x/week to do a brief check-in, where you will give and receive support. Believe it or not, giving support to another woman who has the same goals, as you will actually increase your success rate in achieving those goals yourself. 

Q: Is there a payment program? A: Yes, we have several payment options and if you really want to prioritize an incredible love life a reality for yourself, we will find a payment program that works for you and for us! As your confidence in love and sex increase your financial reality will increase as well!